Dansville Bars & Restaurants

Wooden Nickel Saloon

1382 E Mason St., Dansville, MI 48819


For a great drink in an informal environment, Dansville’s Wooden Saloon can’t be beat. They offer more than just standard bar food. The burritos are amazing, with huge portions and full of flavor. Although the food here is great for a bar, it’s still a bar at heart. So grab some quarters for a game of pool, order up a drink and get ready to stay for a while.

Common Grill

112 S Main St., Chelsea, MI 48118


Common Grill is one of the best places around for good old American cooking. But if there’s one speciality here, it’s seafood. From their barbecue shrimp to their unbelievable lobster spring rolls, this place is amazing with seafood. The seafood risotto is another safe bet for seafood lovers. The ambiance here is great: With a full bar, beautiful lighting fixtures and a brick interior, it’s hard to think that a place with this type of atmosphere would have such great prices!

Scoop D'ville Parlour

1369 Mason St., Dansville, MI 48819


A one-stop-shop for diner food, you can get everything from ice cream to subs and burgers at Scoop D’ville Parlour. The hamburgers here are some of the freshest you can find, especially the toppings. But here, ice cream is the main treat. The strawberry soft serve is never a bad choice, while their sundaes will blow your mind. They offer a wide range of ice cream flavors and styles, so there’s something here everybody can get behind.

Tavern 109

115 E Grand River Ave., Williamston, MI 48895


While the atmosphere here is excellent, it’s second to the food. The breakfast food is the main attraction here, that’s if you can call chicken and waffles breakfast food. Their breakfast potatoes are another great choice. They’re exactly what a breakfast potato should be: crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. And first timers, be sure to try the pear pizza. You’ve never had anything like it!

Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant

3308 S. Cedar St. Ste. 3, Lansing, MI 48910


If you’re in the mood for ethnic food in Danville, you can’t go wrong with Naing Myanmar. If you’d never had Myanmar cooking, don’t fret, you aren’t alone. But if you still are a little unsure, go with the garlic chicken. It’s familiar and their most popular dish at any rate. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, the pickled tea leaf salad will open up new doors for you. For something a little heartier, the Tom-Yum soup with shrimp and vermicelli is sure to hit the spot. The ambiance here is definitely a la family restaurant, so bring your best manners and an informal attitude.

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