Holt Bars & Restaurants

Buddie's Grill

2040 N Aurelius Rd., Holt, MI 48842


Specializing in nothing more than great American-style food, Buddie’s Grill is one of Holt’s best locations. Buddie’s has a full bar and several TV sets, so expect a bar-like ambiance here. However, the food is amazing. Their French dip with battered mushrooms is one of the best items on the menu, while their regulars love the cheeseburger fries. For an appetizer, you can’t go wrong with the Mexican bean dip — that is unless you eat all of it because it’s huge! So make sure you leave some room for the main entree.

Coffee Barrel

2237 Aurelius Rd., Holt, MI 48842


If you need a little help getting up in the morning, make a quick stop to the Coffee Barrel. With its bright atmosphere and beautiful ambiance, the caffeine is optional. The coffee is home roasted, so if you like a fresh Guatemala or Kona blend, you can’t go wrong with the Coffee Barrel.

Darb's Crystal Bar

4279 Holt Rd., Holt, MI 48842


Owned by the local Darbor family, this bar is great for a family-like service. While there’s nothing fancy on the beers, save for a few local Bells options, it’s poured almost freezing cold. Don’t go with the bottle here, definitely order a draft. The food is family style too. On special nights, like Thanksgiving and U of M/MSU games, the family cooks special meals. The ambiance here is what you’d expect -- dim, a few TV sets and definitively informal.

Champion's Sports Bar and Grill

240 N Cedar St., Holt, MI 48842


At Champion’s you’ll find some of the best bar food in Holt. Their Buffalo chicken wings and Buffalo chicken sandwich, are Buffalo perfection. They aren’t too spicy, yet they’re filled with that great Buffalo sauce taste. The burgers are pretty good too, and the cooks know how to cook it right to your order. Just whatever you do, make sure you order your sandwich on a pretzel bun.

Delhi Cafe

4625 Willoughby Rd., Holt, MI 48842


Delhi Cafe is one of the best family restaurants you can find in the entire area. With nearly a dozen sandwiches and a Greek and Mexican menu, Delhi’s can serve any kind of appetite at any time of the day. They also have great specials, like the Friday all you can eat fish fry. But Saturday is the day to visit, since it’s the day their pricier options like lamb shanks and gyros are lowered in price.

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