Livonia Bars & Restaurants

Bate's Hamburgers

33406 5 Mile Rd., Livonia, MI 48154


You can’t get much more classic in Livonia than Bate’s Hamburgers. A restaurant that seems unchanged since 1959 when it opened, Bates has been a Livonia hotspot for decades. The burgers here are amazing. Simple sliders loaded with onions and cheese — you can’t beat them. They also have some of the best chili fries outside of the Detroit area, which is no easy feat to accomplish.

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

17400 Haggerty Rd., Livonia, MI 48152


From the NY strip to the filet mignon and the ribeye, the steak here is the best you’ll find in Livonia. Fleming’s also has some great desserts. The chocolate lava cake is definitely the crowd favorite, so if the waiter recommends it make sure you order a plate. The ambiance here is pretty good for a steakhouse. While the presentations are great, it still gives off a relaxing vibe.

Thomas's Family Dining

33971 Plymouth Rd., Livonia, MI 48150


While Livonia is no stranger to family diners, Thomas’s is the city’s shining gem. The portions here are huge, and the food is always cooked just right. Between the waitstaff and the cooks, you can’t find much better service in town. For first-timers, go with the Polish Trio, a plate of stuffed cabbage topped with tomato sauce, pierogis and city chicken. The fish and chips here are excellent too.

Lefty's Cheesesteak Hoagies

29407 Six Mile Rd., Livonia, MI. 48152


For a little bit of the Northeast in the heart of the Great Lakes, Lefty’s is Livonia’s number one restaurant. The cheesesteaks here are hands-down the best in town. Whether you order it with peppers, mushrooms or banana peppers, you can’t go wrong. Their sandwiches are marvelous too. If you like a good Reuben, now you know where to go.

Coach's Corner

19170 Farmington Rd., Livonia, MI 48152


Coach’s Corner is the spot to catch a live sports game over some great food and drinks. There’s definitely a hockey bias here, so make sure you come in when the Red Wings play. They also have great specials like their NY strip steak deal on Wednesday. The food here is surprising for bar food, especially their homemade beer chili. For a burger, you have to order the Coach’s Classic.

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