Milan Bars & Restaurants

Don Juan Mexian Bar and Grill

39 E Main St., Milan, MI 48160


Before getting started on the amazing ambiance here — they are great with shrimp. Whether it’s the loaded shrimp enchiladas of the Texana fajita with chicken, shrimp and steak, shrimp lovers need to check this place out. With incredibly fresh ingredients, the colors on the Texana Fajita are beautiful. But if you’re in the mood for something just a tad bit healthier, the fajita taco salad is out of this world. The ambiance here is definitively Mexican, from the great waitstaff to the Mexican artwork that adorns the walls. This is Milan’s little slice of Mexico.

Roy's Barbeque and Hamburgers

25 Wabash St., Milan, MI 48160


For a tiny, cozy little diner, Roy’s Barbecue is Milan’s best option. From New England staples like Philly cheesesteaks to Detroit classic like chili cheese fries and Southern favorites like pulled pork, this is your place if you’re looking for a full stomach. The pulled pork sandwich is the crowd favorite here. With just the right amount of sauce, this sandwich is tender heaven on a plate. The ambiance here is very Americana, from the race flag decorations to the old-school menu behind the counter.

The Morning Owl

9 W Main St., Milan, MI 48160


With books, wi-fi, board games and an amazing interior design crew, the Morning Owl in Milan is much more than a coffee joint. Other than the coffee, the sweets here are to die for. From the muffins to the bagels, there’s a lot here to complement their amazing coffee. If you’re into mocha, be sure to try the peppermint mocha here. Customers rave about it. But if you’re into no-games coffee, you won’t find a better espresso in Milan than the one they serve here.

Orginal Gravity Brewing Company

440 County St., Milan, MI 48160


Featuring some of the best pub food for miles and a wide selection of craft and homemade brews, the Original Gravity brewhouse is one of Milan’s best options for a night out. The turkey guacamole sandwich is amazing, and the bread is toasted to perfection. If you’re unsure on which of their beers to try, order up a flight and learn firsthand which beer’s the best — although customers will tell you it’s their Southpaw IPA.

Fender's Bar and Grill

20 Wabash St., Milan, MI 48160


While Milan is no stranger to classy brewpubs and whatnot, Fender’s Bar and Grill is where you go for a relaxing night out in an informal environment. The hamburgers here are the crowd favorites for food. On certain nights they have a prime rib special, but it’s best to call ahead since they only cook one batch at a time. When it’s gone, it’s gone. With tons of seating and a couple pool tables, it’s easy for the time to slip by at Fender’s.

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