Webster Bars & Restaurants

Mimi's Diner

5589 East M 36, Pickney, MI 48169


A typical coney island, Mimi’s is great for homestyle cooking and a full stomach. Their soups are actually some of the most popular items on the menu, so be sure to look out for the soup du jour. Another favorite here is the fish and chips. The cod is battered and fried beautifully, and the fries are perfectly crispy. The ambiance here is a little upscale for a diner, but not too much. So expect a personable waitstaff and a laid-back atmosphere at Mimi’s.

The Peaberry Bean & Beats

152 Barker Rd., Whitmore Lake, MI 48189


There’s no better way to wake up in Webster than a visit to the Peaberry. With some amazing coffee and live music on Wednesday, it’s easy to see why this place is so popular. The food here is pretty good too. Whether it’s a muffin for your coffee or a sandwich for lunch, the food here is the perfect complement to the great atmosphere.

Outriggers Bar & Grill

9901 Main St., Whitmore Lake, MI 48189


One of the most popular bars in the Webster Area, Outriggers is a great place for a weekend dinner date. The food here is stellar for a bar. Their surf and turf is amazing. With a perfectly cooked lobster tail and perfectly seasoned steak, you won’t find better bar food in the area. The drinks here are pretty standard. There’s nothing over the top, but there’s more than enough alcohol variety to make any cocktail you desire.

Red Brick Kitchen & Bar

8093 Main St., Dexter, MI 48130


Whether you’re looking for a delectable meal that hits the spot or if you’re looking for a steaming portion of food you can take home, Red Brick kitchen has just what you need. Their gourmet pizzas, with options like shrimp and mushrooms or the Rustic Tuscan, are always a safe bet for hungry stomachs. But if you’re looking for a high-class meal, go with the stuffed portobello mushrooms or their signature brick chicken, both of which are served with a beautiful presentation.

Hamburg Pub

10668 Hamburg Rd., Hamburg, MI 48139


With all the upscale bars you can find in the Webster/Ann Arbor area, Hamburg Pub is a diamond in the rough. The ambiance here is definitely small town. From the deer heads hanging on the wall to the quaint seating arrangements, expect a warm atmosphere here. The food is great too. They have some of the best onion rings around, and the mini tacos are perfect choice if you’re looking for just the right amount to fill you up.

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